The Unparalleled Air Cleaning Efficiency of the IQair Air Purifiers

Ultrafine particles are airborne particles that can cause personal discomfort and health reactions when inhaled by the occupants of a home. The term "ultrafine particles" refers to particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and are smaller than 30 microns. To give an idea of size of 30 microns, it takes 25,000 microns to make one inch, and the very finest human hair is about 30 microns in diameter. About 99% of the particles suspended in indoor air are too small to see. One cubic foot of air may contain as much as 400 million unseen particles, the majority of which will be much smaller than 30 microns.

To give you a better idea what it means the ultrafine particles that IQair units remove from the air see diagram below.
IQair Particle Size Perspective