Overstock - Is when we have to reduce inventory levels to adjust to changing sales demand. This translates to incredible savings for you.

Closeout - Often times manufacturers will discount an old product model to be replaced by a newer model. This closeout model maintains the same high quality standards as the newer model often times with only minor differences which do not effect quality. The manufactures will discount these closeout products to us which in turn allows us to pass the amazing savings down to you.

Closed Boxed - As the name implies, refers to a product whose packaging or box was never opened, such as a refused delivery or box that may have been a little ruffed up in the warehouse without compromising the product in anyway.

Open Boxed - Refers to products that a customer opened and may have briefly used, and as a result, the product may show a small amount of wear and tear. "Open Boxed" products maintain the same high quality standards as the original. Each item is checked for proper working condition and quality. The price you pay for a "Open Boxed" item is much lower than at retail. Please note quantities of "Open Boxed" products are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis. Additionally while we do our best to insure nothing is missing from the box, some products may be missing parts. If you do receive a product with a missing part, you will be responsible to contact the manufacture to have the replacement part sent to you.

Scratch & Dent - As the name implies, these products will either have some minor cosmetic blemish or may be missing a part. The product description will let you know what to expect. With savings ranging from 60-90% off you can't go wrong.

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