Caboose Portable Travel Diaper Potty
By: Bonaco

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The Caboose is a travel potty that uses a diaper as a liner, giving your toddler the ability to go anywhere, anytime, with easy cleanup for you!

It’s Compact! So small, it fits on a sheet of paper. The top fits in the base for even more compact storage.

It’s Convenient! With our patented diaper-catching design, give your toddler a clean , real potty that works. Because when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Teachable Moments Away From Home! Families today are busier than ever and potty training on the go is tougher than on our home turf. With the CabooseTM, those "I GOTTA GO" moments are easier on both you and your toddler. Meet your toddler’s need to succeed with the Caboose and you will both be on your way.

Why Diapers? Availability, cost, familiarity, portability, absorbability, and most of all, no mess to clean up. Need we say more?

The Caboose is compact, a mere 2.5" tall when closed, and 4" tall when ready for use. It is 8" x 10" and weighs just under a pound. There is room to store a diaper when closed. Any size diaper works in the potty. If you don't have any diapers, you can still use the potty, although that defeats the genius of the Caboose. The carrying bag has a sturdy handle, zips open quickly and has a small fabric insert to ward off odors.