The Toddler Coddler Car Seat Support Cushion

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The award-winning ToddlerCoddler is the safe way to allow your children to sleep comfortably in their car seat or booster by providing head, neck and lateral support. It's great for cars, planes, buses—even strollers and joggers! All you need is a headrest or seatback! Its patented design is recommended by chiropractors for healthy spinal alignment. Unlike other products on the market, the ToddlerCoddler does not attach to your child's seat, so it does not interfere with the function or safety of the car seat's harness or seatbelt.

Features & Benefits:

  • Recommended by chiropractors for healthy spinal alignment
  • Great for those with special needs
  • Installable in less than one minute
  • Fully washable

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the ToddlerCoddler work?
The ToddlerCoddler is a system of soft, fun pillows that attaches via harness to a vehicle headrest. The system cushions a child (or an adult) at rest by providing head, neck and lateral body support. The user can easily rearrange the cushions to maximize comfort by sliding them on the harness.

Is the ToddlerCoddler for all ages?
The ToddlerCoddler is recommended for ages 12 months to about four years. The child must be able to ride in a forward-facing car seat or booster. It also provides extra support needed for children with special needs. At around four years old, children will be more comfortable using the KidCoddler. BOTH products are great for adults!

Why isn't a car seat alone enough?
Car seats are designed to fit a wide range of children's sizes. The ToddlerCoddler fills that "gap", allowing the child to rest comfortably while avoiding the "slump". If the child fills their car seat, the ToddlerCoddler provides an extra-soft cushion for sleeping or just snuggling.

Will the ToddlerCoddler work with my child's car seat?
The ToddlerCoddler will work with any car seat. Because it attaches to the headrest of the automobile and not the car seat, it is easily portable and can be used with any seat—even cars, trains, buses and planes!! All you need is a headrest!



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