Redmon Personal Toothbrush Sanitizer with Charger by UVZ Health Systems
By: Redmon

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The Personal Collection from UVZ Health Systems introduces the personal/portable toothbrush sanitizer series. The Family Collection of products uses safe and effective Ultra Violet Technology that kills millions of germs that grow on your toothbrush. Our UV process is 99.9% effective against many common but dangerously contagious germs (Gingivitis, Hepatitus, Bacillus, Staph, Cold, Flu virus, and many more) found on toothbrushes.

Completely portable unit! Take the charger with you. Or, if for convenience, leave the charging stand at home and the fully charged batteries will last about 10 days of normal use. Take it camping, traveling, on business. Whatever you do - don't leave home without it!

Exciting Features:

  • Operates on two "AAA" Rechargeable batteries (not included).
  • One touch button for easy opening.
  • Sleek Portable charging stand included.
  • FREE UVZ Health Systems cloth travel bag included
  • May not accommodate some electric or battery operated toothbrush heads due to size.

Easy as 1-2-3:

  • Remove excess water from toothbrush.
  • Place toothbrush in sanitizer with bristles facing UV lamp.
  • Close door. Sanitizing automatically begins.

***Our UV process is 99.99% effective against contagious germs: Sars, AIDS, Hepatitis, Bacillus, Staph, Cold and Flu viruses found on toothbrushes, razors, nail clippers and more.***