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Free Shipping, No long term commitment and easy returns (UPS return tag is included with every pump). With our breast pump rental program we can deliver an Ameda Elite hospital grade breast pump directly to your door. All machines are thoroughly disinfected and tested to be in perfect working order before being shipped out.
All that is needed to initiate a breast pump rental is to complete our rental agreement.
Free Ground Shipping or you can upgrade Next Day Air for $24.95. This includes a return tag to ship pump back when rental is finished. Rental period will start when pump is delivered and considered returned when shipper scans return within two (2) days of rental ending.
Ameda electric breast pumps have set the standard for breast pumps for more than 50 years. The performance and reliability of Ameda breast pumps make them the overwhelming choice of mothers and hospitals today.

When mothers are separated from their infants at birth, it is very important they use an efficient electric breast pump to establish and maintain their milk supply. Pumping breast milk allows lactating women to collect and store milk for their babies. Breast pumping can help a new mother achieve her overall breastfeeding goal when she cannot nurse her baby. In addition, the cost of renting a breast pump is far cheaper than purchasing formula!

Breast Pump Features:

  • Ameda is the only breast pump available that protects your breast milk from bacteria and viruses.
  • Hospital grade piston pump helps establish and maintain mother's milk supply.
  • The variable suction strength and cycling speed options are set independently of each other to accommodate mother's personal comfort level and to closely simulate baby's nursing patterns.
  • The pump operates on AC power, or 12V car adapter (included) for use in a variety of locations.
  • Mother can single or dual pump without having to reconfigure the pumping system.
  • Convenient to carry and easy to clean.
  • All Ameda products are latex free.
  • Hard shell carrying case

Breast Pump Rental Fee:

  • Rental Charges: $70 per month. Minimum rental of one (1) month.
  • No sales tax will be charged for rentals outside MD.
  • MD rentals add 5% sales tax.

Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System:

  • You need to buy this factory sealed unit or already have one in order to use the breast pump.
  • This can be used as a manual breast pump once your rental is returned.
  • One time purchase cost of $59.95

Please click here to complete breast pump rental agreement.