Okkatots Front Baby Carrier System
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When a mother holds her young baby, she naturally brings him up against her chest and holds him close. There are many documented benefits for young babies held this way. Okkatots front baby carrier system is designed to carry your baby high enough that your baby can rest his head against your chest in a natural position, fully supported against your body.

Many babies prefer to be held chest to chest, heart to heart. It is calming for a baby, helps regulate breathing and heartbeat. It builds core body strength and balance. It is easier for babies to release swallowed air (burp!) and keep milk down. Babies are also able to regulate their responses to the world around them. They take their cues from the parent's response.

When a parent holds their baby close much of the baby's weight is taken on her body not just on the supporting arm. The Okkatots front baby carrier system supports your baby snuggly against your body so that weight is distributed on your body as well as the seat of the carrier.

Because your baby is held close your hands are free. You get things done - together!

The Okkatots front baby carrier cradles your baby's head. Straps come over your baby's shoulders and attach to the pouch on either side of the baby's head, bringing the baby's head and body close to your body. This provides the following benefits :

  • The straps and pouch form a circle of support so that baby's head has lateral as well as back support and allows a young baby's head rest on the parent's chest.
  • This helps keep baby securely in the pouch if the parent bends to reach for an escaping toddler's arm
  • Holding your baby close also minimizes the shift in your center of gravity, reducing back strain.
  • When babies spend much of their time lying on their backs in cribs, car seats and strollers it can cause the back of baby's head to become flat. By carrying your baby, pressure is taken off the back off baby's head.

A unique feature of the Okkatots front baby carrier system are the shoulder harness straps. Not only do these straps keep your baby snug against your body, they also allow you to adjust baby's closeness to you. This means that if your baby is restless while in the carrier, the straps can be extended, allowing him to see your face and interact with you without being removed from the carrier.

Eye contact with you is critical for your baby's developing sense of worth and security. The Okkatots front baby carrier lets you chat with your baby and make eye contact if he or she gets restless. By extending these straps, you can also increase air flow around your baby when needed.

The pouch can be detached with your baby still in it. Then, once she is comfortably asleep in a crib, the Pouch can be removed by releasing the waist buckle and sliding the pouch from your baby. This method retains your baby's body heat, preventing sudden exposure to cold air which can wake her.

If keeping baby's body heat in is not an issue then the top part of the carrier can be disconnected, the pouch waist belt released and the Pouch pealed down freeing your baby to be placed down to sleep.

As your baby grows the carrier expands but still holds your baby close. Once your baby can hold both head and shoulders up and wants to engage more with the world, the head of the pouch can be folded down, or your baby can be turned around to face out.

The baby remains fitted in the pouch which is simply turned around and reattached. When facing out, the baby is still held close to the parent's body for support.

Babies are usually delighted when turned facing out. They kick their legs, love looking in the mirror, hold a pacifier, toy or food, interact with other people almost at their level and can be fed as if in a high chair. Babies just love it!

This is not like facing away from you in a stroller. Baby feels your closeness. You are with him as you explore your world together.

For convenience when out and about your baby can be placed in the pouch after the pouch is attached to the shoulder harness. See "Alternate steps to carrying" at top of page.

The Okkatots front baby carrier system doesn't only carry your baby. Once he can sit upright, the pouch can be removed from the harness and used to strap him into a shopping cart.

Place baby into the cart while in the pouch. The pouch waist strap is fed through the bars behind the baby and then attached in front. When the pouch is used in a shopping cart your baby is supported as the cart moves and turns. It's great for when your baby is learning to sit. The pouch part of the front baby carrier system also provides a padded seat and back. (A child should never be left unattended in a cart or on a chair.)

The pouch also folds up into its own pocket for convenient storage!

  • JPMA certified
  • Chiropractor recommended
  • Carries babies new born to 25lbs;
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder straps adjust easily for a perfect fit; fits approximately 28" - 66" chest
  • Made of 100% "Eco" cotton; Machine washable
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Stylish, black, baby carrier system; comes with optional use waistband and soft terry bib; baby can face you or face out
  • Baby wears a separate pouch that goes on easily, like a diaper; extends two ways to custom fit a growing baby; nothing under baby's arms to affect circulation
  • New Waistband adds more support for parents; has a pocket and an attachment for keys
  • Lean baby back to interact; easily remove a sleeping baby
  • Pouch can be used in a shopping cart as a child restraint; folds up into its own pocket for convenient storage

Unique top strap adjustment provides interaction with your baby while in the carrier.  Carrier is securely anchored in 6 places

Simple to fit, put on and remove

Easily remove a sleeping baby

Secure an older baby on a solid backed chair

Secure an older baby in a shopping cart

Wide, padded shoulder straps designed for comfort

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