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Ameda Portable Electric Breast Pump with Stylish Microfiber Backpack Tote. This new sleek pump design has incorporated deeper bottle compartments to allow for even greater portability and easier cleaning. Ameda electric breast pumps were designed with today's mobile mother in mind, therefore our pumps are lightweight and easily portable. The Backpack is 11 by 5 by 16 inches tall and the pump is 6.5 by 5.5 by 3.5 inches high and weighs 1.25 pounds with batteries.

HygieniKit Milk Collection System Prevents Milk Back-up into Tubing and Pump - The patented design of the HygieniKit utilizes a silicone barrier to prevent breast milk from entering the tubing and traveling into the pump mechanism, even if it is turned upside down! This saves valuable time, because the tubing does not ever need to be cleaned, and is more hygienic because the possibility of milk contaminating or damaging the pump is eliminated, hence the name "HygieniKit."

Microprocessor Controlled, Piston Driven - Only Ameda electric breast pumps are controlled by powerful microprocessors. This amazing technology allows greater variability in suction levels and cycling speed, ensuring that more mothers can find their personal comfort level while pumping. Additionally, it allows suction to be adjusted independently without affecting the cycle speed and vice versa, unlike other brands of pumps.

Adjustable Suction Levels and Cycle Speeds - What is the suction level? The level of vacuum strength. What is cycle speed? The number of times suction is generated and released in one minute. A combination of suction strength and cycle speed on a breast pump provides the stimulation necessary to remove milk from the breast. Each mother is unique and requires a certain level of suction and cycle speed to be comfortable and successful using a breast pump. Ameda appreciates every mother's individuality, so both of our electric pumps offer a greater variety of suction and cycle settings than any other pump in their category. This ensures that with Ameda, each mother can find a setting that creates the best stimulation for her individual needs. Purely Yours: The Purely Yours breast pump offers eight suction levels and four cycle speeds.

This Purely Yours Breast Pump option includes:

  • Purely Yours Breast Pump
  • Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System - without BPA
  • Lightweight, sporty microfiber backpack
  • Cool 'N Carry Tote with three cooling elements and six 4-ounce bottles with tops
  • A Milk Storage Guide magnet
  • 12V car power adapter
  • Two cotton breast pads
  • One-Hand Manual Breast Pump handle assembly

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