Baby Bella Maya Designer Cover for Baby Bjorn & Snugli Carriers

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Love your baby carrier but think it’s a little too plain? Then Baby Bella Maya designer covers were created just for you. Our covers combine a soft and comfortable feel for baby and gives mom the style and elegance she’s been looking for. Slips on and off easily so you can change cover to compliment any outfit. Check out our camouflage designer cover. Now dads can look hip and trendy too!

When it comes to posh designs for baby accessories, Baby Bella Maya was made with you in mind. Whether you need a gift for a special someone or just want a fashionable item get your Baby Bella Maya cover today!

Our Designer “Front Pack Covers” are created with the mother in mind who enjoys combining the safety and comfort of a front pack with a little style and elegance.

The covers are handmade from a specially selected silk/polyester and rayon blend. Designed to fit most Baby Bjorn Original front packs, as well as City Active front pack carriers and Snugli's Nicole Miller, Classic Soft Carrier and Comfort Vent Soft Carrier. The reversible cover slips on and off easily with an invisible zipper on the side. To finish the look, matching strap covers simply attach with Velcro and you are ready to go.

If selection is what you are looking for the “Covers” are available in 6 stunning and trendy patterns, we also carry a camouflage design for dads, all reversible from print to solid. Take your choice of one or more from our selection of “Sweet Ellie Pink” to “Midnight Dreams Black.”

For those of you with worn-out looking carriers, Baby Bella Maya Designer Covers can instantly turn that plain carrier look to an elegant chic fashion statement.

To keep the beauty of your designer carrier we recommend you hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Carry your Baby in Style - Get Baby Bella Maya!