Chi Swing Body Stimulator and Detoxifier - Model USJ-202

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The Chi Swing is a massager that balances the Chi force in the body. The revolutionary concept governing its desing was derived from observing the movement of fish swimming. Steady lateral undulation of the spine effectively oxygenates, tones, and strengthens the muscles and stimulates the internal organs. The slight elevation of the legs and the rockin of the sacrum promotes lymphatic drainage of toxins. The massager's frequency of motion offers stimulation to the autonomic nervous system. Increased circulation of blood promotes a strong immune system. Systematic use of the Chi Swing results in stress reduction, restful sleep, increased energy levels, and the overall revitalization of the body. Utilize it daily as an exercise machine to improve your metabolism and control your weight. Comes in one speed only.

  • Toning and firming the waist.
  • Increasing metabolism.
  • Chronic back problems.
  • Recovery from fatigue.
  • Daily exercise substitute.
  • Losing inches.
  • Relaxing the muscles.
  • Helps relieve constipation
  • 2 year limited warranty