"Primavera" Hydro Therapy Corner Shower Unit

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Product Image
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  • Upper 3-Spray Setting (plus Off) Shower Head
  • 3-Spray Setting (plus Off) Euro Style Main Shower Head. with Water Diverter and Feeder hose.
  • Convenient Product Shelf
  • Upper Neck & Back Pulsing Body Spray
  • Quick Action Water Control Valve
  • Waterproof Shower Pillow for headrest
  • 360 degree Swivel Body Spray with ON/OFF Finger Control
  • Relaxing Comfort Seat
  • Quick Action Water Control Valve
  • Base of unit rests on floor.
  • Pulsing Shower Head, Removable from Slide Bar, used for Leg/Foot Massage, Soap Rinse or Personal Hygiene