Brother PED-Basic - For Downloading Embroidery Designs
By: Brother

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For Downloading Embroidery Designs:
PED Basic allows you to apply simple editing operations to embroidery data (.pes files) created with our embroidery design software and to write the designs to original cards. PES files can also be purchased or obtained from the internet.

Package Includes:

  • CD-ROM Program file
  • 4M Blank Memory Card
  • USB Card Writer Box
  • Instruction Manual


  • Built-In Embroidery Samples
  • Data Sizing - The size can be changed within a range of 90% to 120%, on selected designs.
  • Four Frame Sizes The PED software can be used on four different frames:
    100 x 100 mm
    110 x 110 mm
    130 x 180 mm
    160 x 260 mm
  • Imported Embroidery - Imported Embroidery data can be previewed or edited on the screen.
  • Insert the Card - Simply insert the card into a Brother embroidery machine and press the start button to sew beautiful embroidery.
  • PES Format -Embroidery data (*.pes files) created with the Brother design software PE-Design can be purchased or downloaded from the Internet.
  • Printing -The embroidery pattern information (pattern, name, size, number of stitches, and thread colors) can be printed.
  • Realistic Preview - The stitching can be reproduced on the computer screen so that the actual embroidery can be previewed.
  • Using Your Computer - Using your computer and the PED-Basic software, you can download PES embroidery data from this site or from any other embroidery data distribution site.
  • Write the PES Data - Write the PES Data to an original Brother embroidery card.
  • Software is compatible with Windows 98 operating system or later