Custom-Made & HandCrafted Swarovski Crystal and Garnet Bracelet

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The healing powers of garnet can be characterized by guidance, protection, purification and warmth, especially where passion is concerned. The legends surrounding garnet show the long standing history of these healing properties. Garnet has been known as the stone which was the source of illumination for Noah in the Ark. Today this semiprecious gem continues to act as a source of light and guidance for the paths, both physical and metaphysical, for travelers and those that just feel they could stand to use some direction. Not only has it been known to guide, it also con provide enlightenment, creative inspiration and positive energy. One of the major characteristics of garnet is that it is known as a purifier. Among it's most powerful healing abilities is as a cleanser of the bodies energies. As mentioned above, garnet is continually used to purify and heal. The red shades of various members of the garnet family provide for it's association with love and steadfastness. The red color also suggests passion. This passion is not only reflective of the passion shared between two lovers, but garnet is symbolic and influences all passions an individual possess. Garnet is used to bring out the passion within and renew lost passions. The characteristic of healing passions also allows for a deep enlightening form of introspection that is brought about by the reflection involved in garnet aided meditation