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Human cultures have long associated Hematite with blood because of the deep red color of its streak. The root of the name Hematite is the Greek word for blood, haima. This has given rise to much of the healing myths that surround Hematite today. Crystal healers credit Hematite with the ability to bring about a calm mental state, improve memory, mental focus and concentration, bolster self-confidence, and increase the effectiveness of logical processes of the brain. Considered by followers of the New Age to be an excellent stone for treating mental stress, Hematite has a reputation for helping people bring order to mentally chaotic situations by drawing tension out of the body, neutralizing negativity and releasing anger. They also recognize its power for increasing mental function and believe it can improve memory, mathematical processes, logic, creativity and mental dexterity. Finally, it is an excellent aid in meditation, recognized by healers for calming the mental state, tuning the consciousness and increasing the pathways that lead to inner knowledge.