Clover 15' Range Color Indoor Wired Security Camera OC950
By: Clover

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Clover OC950 Color 15' Range with 6ea Super Led and Audio, Night Vision Camera, Small enough to put anywhere to watch., Indoor Use, Lens: 3.6mm(92°), Night vision color camera for viewing in total darkness, Built in Audio.

The OC950 color camera has 6 Super Leds for night vision. 3.6mm wide angle lens. 380 TV lines of resolution. Metal casing and bracket. Low power consumption. Also has RCA connections for compatibility with most TVs and VCRs. Package also includes power adapter and 60' of cable.


  • Small enough to put anywhere to watch.
  • Connects in one minute to you TV or VCR
  • Night vision color camera for viewing in total darkness
  • Built in Audio
  • 60' Cable & Power Adapter

Clover Electronics USA is a manufacturer of high quality CCTV products manufactured in Korea.

The Clover Product line includes multiple Observation Systems, B/W and Color Board Cameras and the FCC approved 2.4GHz Wireless Camera System. No other wireless video system has the ability to transmit clear video and audio signals as much as Clover’s range of 700ft. Line of Sight. In addition, all Clover systems are designed to be easy to install, user friendly and come with a one-year or longer warranty.