Jiffy Steamer J-2B Standard Duty Steamer w/ Brush Attatchment for Cleaning
By: Jiffy

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The Jiffy Steamer Model J-2B is our specialty steamer.  The Jiffy Steamer is used worldwide in homes and by cleaning services, service-oriented businesses, commerical estabishments, and rental outlets. The J-2B, outfitted with Jiffy Steamer's new specialty brush steam head attachment, is used as a cleaning tool for tough, ground-in dirt and stains. Chemicals and sprays are not necessary for the J-2B to get the tough jobs done. The steam alone kills bacteria on contact. Scrubbing power is supplied by the stiff-bristled end to direct the tight pattern of steam to the desired surface.
Product Features:
  • 6" wide metal steamhead with wooden handle attachment for durability
  • Preheat time approximately 15 minutes and produces steam within 2 minutes once at preheat temperature
  • 1500 Watts Of Steam Power
  • Holds 1 gallon of water and will steam continously for 2 hours
  • Dual Thermostats
  • Brass Heating Elements
  • Auto-Off If Out Of Water
  • Stainless Steel Boiler Tank
  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Garment & Hose Hanger
  • Professional Steamer On Casters
  • Weighs Only 26 Pounds
  • Made in the USA

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