Detecto 6880 Rolling Chair Scale
By: Detecto

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Zero turning radius ability is the hallmark of this lightweight rolling chair scale. Ergonomics dictated this stylish, battery-powered chair scale's contemporary design. This system comes complete with a large LCD display. It has a 440 lb capacity that is sensitive to .2 lb. Oversized 3" diameter wheels and sleek styling allow this scale to be extremely portable.

The large, 0.7" high contrast LCD display is battery powered and is easily readable in the brightest lighting conditions. The soft, padded armrests fold out of the way to allow patients easy accessibility. The 6880's footrests also fold away to promote patient security when getting into or out of the scale.

  • Lift-a-way arms and footrest
  • Fully electronic - single load cell
  • Oversized 3” high wheels
  • Zero turning radius ability 
  • Safety stops on rear wheels for parking in one place without rolling 
  • Contoured, sloping backrest allows the patient to assume a relaxed position
  • Equipped with retractable armrests for ease in transferring patients to the chair scale and to accomodate patients with casts
  • Capacity: 440 lb x .2 lb / 200 kg x .1 kg 
  • Connectivity: Serial output 
  • Display: 0.7" high-contrast LCD 
  • Power: 6 "C" size alkaline batteries or optional AC adapter