Panasonic Reach Easy Point Percussion Hand-Held Massager EV2610K

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Relax muscles that have begun to stiffen from tension by using the pointed head to precisely target concentrated areas of stiffness or use the chop head to apply a soothing massage across a larger surface area. Target hard-to-reach areas with this special elbow-angled design that lets you access your lower, middle and upper back more easily

Switch to tapping mode to choose from seven different massage actions (light chop, heavy chop, light fist, heavy fist, vibration, wave & pulse) covering all parts of the body, including shoulders, between the shoulder blades and the lower back. There are two pre-programs with variable speed control.

  • Point massager for acupressure
  • Neck and shoulder auto programs
  • 7 massage controls
  • 2 variable speeds
  • Point and chop tapping options