NQ Clarifier Previously CARE 2000 HEPA Air Purification System with UV Lamps
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The NQ Clarifier and Clarifier Medical are the original patented air purification systems that were formerly distributed under the name CARE 2000.

The "keys to achieving ultimate air purification are multi stage filtration of contaminants, a thorough air exchange, and germicidal UV to combat disease causing microorganisms. The NQ Clarifier combines five stages of filtration, including germicidal ultraviolet, and a powerful, quiet air flow system to fill your home with the cleanest air you can breathe.

For years, hospitals and health care facilities have been using the same air purification system used in the NQ Clarifier for the protection of patients and staff workers. The NQ Clarifier has been scaled down for size, streamlined internal operation and priced for home use. The NQ Clarifier will dramatically improve the quality of your air and your life. It's portable, powerful and affordable. There is no other system like it. Air is drawn in on all four sides and clean air is discharged toward the top of the room to be distributed without disruption.

The NQ Clarifier is ideal for homes, offices, small business, and light industrial applications. No other residential system eliminates odors, chemicals, gases, bacteria, pollen, dust mites and other pollutants as well as the NQ Clarifier.

Importance of Ultraviolet Light: - The UV lamps provides ultra protection against airborne bacteria and viruses. The importance of UV for maintaining healthy air quality for family members and office workers cannot be overstated. Even air filtration units using HEPA cannot control disease carrying microbes. HEPA will trap bacteria but it won't destroy it. Trapped organisms can eventually seep back into the air. Viruses can actually pass through the filter. Inside the NQ Clarifier, the HEPA is actually continually bathed in UV light. Bacterial and viral microorganisms such as hepatitis, influenza, TB and Legionnaire's Disease are trapped and destroyed before they can infiltrate your air space. The accessible UV lamps are 9 watts apiece and provide 9,000 hours of protection. An indicator light on the control panel lets you know when the UV lamps are working properly. Uses 2 UV lamps (included).

  • Top-flow air design
  • Low noise, 350 cfm fan
  • Vacuum cleanable pre-filters
  • Carbon impregnated post filter
  • BioHEPA - non outgassing
  • 5 Stages of filtration
  • Portable, on wheels
  • Uses 100 watts of power at max spped
  • Up to 1500 square feet room coverage
  • Air flow rates nearly double the nearest competitor
  • 28" high x 15" wide x 14" deep
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Warranty:
    5 Years on housing, wheels, fan & motor;
    1 Year on electrical/machanical;
    90 Days on filter & UV Lamp