AllerAir Model 5000 EXEC Air Cleaner
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More than every 3rd person has allergies, asthma, respiratory distress or suffers the effects from sick building syndrome. The respiratory tract - nose, sinus and lungs struggle daily against these contaminants. Our indoor environment contains allergens, pollutants, particles, dust mites, mold, chemicals, ozone, formaldehyde etc. These can and will make you ill.

AllerAir manufactures air purification systems and air purifiers that work against allergies, asthma, respiratory or sick building syndrome. They utilize the most up to date scientific technology available, and approved for use where the strictest standards are demanded. (Hospitals, Laboratories, Electronic parts manufacturing and Medical Allergists).

Features For AllerAir Model 5000 EXEC:

  • HEPA / Laser tested to remove 99,97% of 0.3 Micron particulates and larger.
  • 14 -15 lbs. vocarb impregnated enhanced carbon and zeolite. 
  • Effective up to 1600 SQ. FT.
  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • Superb unit for use in offices under normal conditions.
  • Cleans 400 cubic feet per minute