North States SuperGate III - Adjusts Easily to Doorways 26" to 42" Wide 8619

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Supergate III - Deluxe Gate easily adjusts to openings 26" to 42" wide, 26" high.

Versatile Gate can be used five ways:

  1. Supergate III comes as a pressure gate for immediate mounting in doorways.
  2. Unique door sockets give pressure mounted Supergate III extra holding power in doorways and openings.
  3. Specially designed rail sockets are included to allow Supergate III to be used between wrought iron railings.
  4. Use Supergate III as a swing gate (hardware included for easy hinge mounting).
  5. Using a combination of sockets, Supergate III can be used between wall and wrought iron railings.

Other features: * Rounded edges will not pinch * Easy to use... Expand gate in opening and engage pressure handle in any one of the multiposition slots. *