Nite Train-r "Wet Call" Bed Wetting Alarm Pad For Bed Wetters & Incontinent Patients

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Wet Call consists of a small miniaturized electronic box powered with a 9v battery and a very effective moisture sensing pad. The pad (18.5"x24.5") is made of a combination of Arlon polyethylene foam and Lectolite conductive vinyl sheets. A conducting cord (66" long) is used to connect the sensing pad to the alarm. Wet Call is specifically designed for habitual bedwetters, incontinent bed patients in hospital or nursing homes, and the physically and mentally handicapped. Wet Call is a medically proven way to safely stop bedwetting and/or alert parents, nurses or other attendants. It's simple, easy to use and effective.

How To Use Wet Call
The pad must be placed either in a pillowcase (king or queen sized) or underneath a dry bed sheet. the black sensor strips should face upward. The alarm, after being connected to the bed pad, can either be placed on the shoulder of a pajama top (via safety pins) or attached to a bed rail with the provided Velcro. To test the alarm, slowly insert the plug into the alarm box until a slight resistance is felt. The alarm will sound letting you know that it's working. When fully inserted, the unit is ready for use. Nite-Train-r's alarm has built-in volume control switch (high and low). Set the volume by moving the switch on the back of the alarm unit.