iRobot Roomba 790 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies
By: iRobot

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The iRobot Roomba 790 Vacuum Cleaning Robot removes up to 98% of dirt, dust and pet hair – on its own – at the touch of a button. Perfect for homes with pets or without, Roomba cleans deep to pick up dirt, hair, fur, and other debris. Using iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology, the robot thoroughly vacuums the entire floor including hard-to-reach spots under furniture. Roomba 790 is loaded with the latest technology and features. Roomba’s Dual HEPA filters stop fine dust from circulating in your home, leaving behind fresher air. The robot’s Dirt Detect Series 2 technology finds the dirtiest areas and performs concentrated cleaning there, ensuring the whole floor is thoroughly clean. Room-to-room navigation is possible with the included Virtual Wall Lighthouses, which confine Roomba to methodically clean one room at a time allowing the robot to move to the next room when finished. And there’s never any guesswork; Roomba lets you know when the dust bin is full and needs to be emptied. Plus, with Roomba’s on-board scheduling the robot cleans when it’s most convenient for you—even when you’re not home. The state-of-the-art touchpad and new wireless command center give you control of the robot at the touch of your fingertips from anywhere in your home, making it fast and easy to use. As an added convenience, Roomba 790 comes with all the accessories you need to get the best use out of your robot packed in a handy storage and carrying case.

Roomba 790 picks up an amazing amount of dirt, pet hair and other debris with its patented 3-stage cleaning system. A spinning side brush cleans along wall edges, counter-rotating brushes act like a dustpan and broom and a powerful AeroVac Series 2 vacuum pulls dirt, hair, and debris off the brushes to the back of the bin. Roomba 790 uses a new advanced cleaning head which provides superior performance for picking up pet hair, dirt, dust and more.


  • Wireless Command Center: makes initiating a cleaning, scheduling and steering Roomba even easier. Using radio frequency technology, you can now control Roomba from any room in your house.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning with AeroVac Series 2- Roomba 790 picks up an amazing amount of dirt, pet hair and other debris with its patented 3- stage cleaning system.
  • Dual HEPA Filters- Roomba 790's dual HEPA filters trap dust, allergens and tiny particulates leaving behind fresher, cleaner air.
  • On-board scheduling- The robot can be scheduled to perform up to seven cleaning sessions per week, even when you're not home.
  • Extended Life Power Management- The robot uses sophisticated power management software that results in 50% longer battery life than previous Roomba generations, ensuring hundreds of cleaning cycles under proper use.

What's in the box?

  • iRobot Roomba 790 (with 1 Robot battery, 2 AeroVac Series 2 HEPA Filters, 1 Side Brush, 1 Bristle Brush, 1 Beater Brush)
  • 3 Virtual Wall Lighthouses (Each requires 2 C batteries, not included)
  • 1 Self-Charging Home Base (with Power Supply)
  • 1 Wireless Command Center (Requires 4 AA batteries, not included)
  • 3 Extra sets of 2 HEPA Filters
  • 3 Extra Side Brushes
  • 2 Extra Beater Brushes
  • 2 Extra Bristle Brushes
  • 2 Cleaning Tools (1 Round, 1 Flat)
  • Screwdriver
  • Accessory Carrying Case

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