Stokke "My Carrier" Single or Double Child Carrier - Cool Mesh
By: Stokke
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When babies are young they need to be touched, held, talked to and smiled at often. Loving gestures reassure your baby and promote a strong bond between parent and child. The Stokke® MyCarrier Cool is the perfect way to keep this connection.

The Stokke® MyCarrier Cool has the same unique design as the Stokke® MyCarrier, but is made with breathable mesh textiles. This reduces heat and moisture to keep both you and baby cool and dry for outdoor, active or warm weather use. Our 40 years of ergonomic know how allow our baby carrier to be used from birth through the toddler years.

The Stokke® MyCarrier Cool uses the same breathable mesh technology used for many types of sportswear. Breathable textiles allow better airflow for cooling and transporting moisture away from the body. This helps both you and your baby to stay dry. Additionally, mesh is water and wind resistant; perfectly suited to warmer climates and active or extended use.

The Stokke® MyCarrier Cool has two-way front and one back carrying position. Most importantly, all positions maintain optimal ergonomic positioning for both you and baby. Stay comfortably close without ever losing your cool.

Front Carrier:

  • Main harness and front carrier for carrying baby from 7.7 lbs or 21" tall.
  • First facing inwards, when your child can hold his/her head unaided it can be used facing outward. Every child is unique, but a rough guide is around 4 mounts +
  • When facing inwards the child has the "Happy Hips" position, broad seating with good support of back, buttocks and thighs.
  • Always make sure that the baby has enough space around mouth and nose to be able to breathe normally.
  • Babies need variation, we recommend limited time in MyCarrier to 10-15 minutes in the beginning.

Back Carrier:

  • Main harness and back carrier for carrying a child who can sit unaided and is longer than 72 cm/28 inch.
  • Maximum load 15kg / 33lbs.
  • The additional aluminum back support must be used when carrying a child on your back. Make sure the support goes under the orange webbing and that the end sits in the fitted pocket.
  • If the child falls asleep, attach the sleep support from the pocket.

Main Harness for parent:

  • Pocket on both sides for keys, cards, etc.
  • Product serial number is available on a tag in one of the pockets, for registering in the extended warranty database.
  • Care label is situated in one of the side pockets.
  • To fold the harness when traveling, remove the additional back support to make it more flexible.

Material Features:

  • Soft mesh keeps the baby dry and cool
  • Transports heat and moisture away from your bodies
  • Allows air flow through the textile for both baby and parent
  • Clean and delicate beige color
  • Made with 3d Mesh Technology
  • Made of Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 certified polyester

Using the carrier as a double carrier for twins or two babies!
If you decide to use the carrier as a twin carrier you will be able to carry two babies, one facing towards you or facing the world and the other baby on your back. For parents of twins or two babies this carrier will allow you to return to daily life by freeing up your hands. Each carrier can hold up to 33 lb.

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