Kalorik Shoe Polisher
By: Kalorik
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Buff and shine your shoes professionally, but without the high cost and wait. Suitable for all types of shoes, quickly and easily. This Kalorik made electric shoe shiner is a practical machine for the home. The machine is started and stopped by means of a foot switch. The powerful motor provides a fast pre-cleaning of the shoes and the shoe edges by means of the pre-cleaning brush out of Nylon. Then with 2 other soft brushes, one to apply polish and other to complete shine (or for different color shoes!) will make your shoes like new. The machine distributes the polish from a foot reachable polish dispenser (refillable) makes the entire process hands free.


  • Convenient also for home, shops, hotels, meeting rooms, offices etc.
  • Foot activated On-off button
  • Refillable shoe wax bottle with automatic dispenser (wax liquid not included!)
  • With one cleaning brush + 2 big polish brush (for different shoe colors, or one to use with shoe polish and one for shine-up finishing)
  • Powerful motor
  • Heavy construction, suitable with hotel use
  • Metal housing with powder painting
  • Rubber mat
  • Includes 1x shoe polish bottle (100ml)

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