Replacement Tubing for Medela Pump in Style Breastpumps

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A pair of new tubings made for Medela pump-in-style Advanced (PSA) breastpump sold after July 2006. It will not fit PSA released before July 2006.


  • One pale yellow adaptor and one soft end
  • Smooth and clear plastic tubings
  • Designed to replace Medela part #8007212
  • Tubings are tested to meet EU food safety standard and are safe for your baby

This product is made in Taiwan and is designed to fit Medela's pump-in-style breastpump released after July 2006. If your breastpump is sold before July 2006, please do not buy this product. Tubings are made from BPA free materials. Each retail pack contains usage and cleaning instructions. We recommend to change the tubings regularly when they get dirty and not easy to clean.

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