TrueWomb Sleeping Swaddle - White
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TrueWomb® has redefined swaddling care as we know it by engineering the first and only two-stage sleep system designed the way Mother Nature intended. It’s truly amazing that swaddling has been around for thousands of years yet very little has changed and the “missing link” has been completely overlooked. Until now…

TrueWomb®’s revolutionary technology sets out to address baby’s transition from womb to world in a way never seen or done before. Our sleep system is the only product which actually provides a true “4th trimester” environment, which mimics the flexible comfort and security of the womb, allowing baby to move naturally as if still in the womb — exactly as it should be. Using the TrueWomb® Sleep System, baby has the freedom to kick and stretch while active, but return to a blissful womblike position while at rest. Its unique engineering also makes TrueWomb® the first swaddling care system capable of preventing the startle reflex and greatly reducing and even eliminating colic. And this is where the magic happens, the gift of “quality sleep”!

Most swaddles on the market today are either difficult to use, uncomfortably binding or even potentially hazardous for baby. They simply aren’t designed to safely and/or effectively address baby’s swaddling needs. The TrueWomb® Sleep System offers a game changing approach to swaddling care that finally solves the missing link and offers many other healthy benefits for your baby. With TrueWomb®, baby sleeps more safely, soundly and comfortably and the whole household reaps the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

TrueWomb is the only two-stage sleep system that accommodates both the arms and legs so babies can find their most comfortable position while at rest. This patent-pending design promotes longer, deeper, more restful sleep, resulting in many other benefits for both newborns and their parents.


  • Patent-pending designs mimic the nurturing form and function of the womb
  • SwaddleTech™ pouch allows baby’s legs to kick and stretch, returning them to the comforting fetal position while at rest
  • SecureSleeve™ escape-proof arm pockets allow up and down movement of the arms
  • ComfortWrap™ belt adjusts for growth and provides a gentle, snug fit
  • First stage of World's first and only two-stage system that supports evolving swaddling needs as baby develops and grows
  • Lightweight, breathable, four-way stretch cotton fabric helps prevent over-heating, reducing an important SIDS risk factor
  • Improves quality of sleep by reducing the "startle reflex" and spontaneous arousals during sleep
  • Can reduce gastro-intestinal colic symptoms and enhance feeding as a result of improved sleep
  • Breathable, 4-way stretch cotton/spandex (92% long-staple cotton/8% spandex)
  • Soft & Flexible Velcro® (specially engineered for baby products and apparel applications)

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