Ok to Wake! Plush Owl with Nightlight and Music Naptime Timer by Onaroo
By: Onaroo

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Ok to Wake! Owl is a cuddly friend that teaches kids to sleep in...so you can too! The owl's face glows green when its OK to get out of bed and see mom and dad.

You'll be amazed at how quickly kids learn and how excited they are when the Owl's face glows green in the morning. Best of all, the OK to Wake! Owl does all the work while you catch up on your sleep!

In the evening, a soothing yellow glow and soft music gently lull kids to sleep. In the morning, your child can press the Owl's tummy to hear him speak and play a fun wake-up tune. What OK to Wake! Owl says and does is dependent on the time of night or morning.

Soothe Your Child To Sleep (Or Back to Sleep) With Lullabies
When it's time to go to bed, press the Owl's tummy for calming music. The Owl says, "Hoo-hoo!" and plays up to six different lullabies. For children that frequently wake up before it's "OK to Wake," pressing the Owl's tummy will illuminate the soft yellow night-light. The OK to Wake! Owl will gently say, "It's not time to get up yet!" or "Just a little bit longer," for example. OK to Wake! Owl knows how close to wake-up time it is and delivers an appropriate message and then plays lullabies to soothe your child back to sleep!

Built-In Nap Timer
OK to Wake! Owl has a handy nap timer that makes it easy to set a green light alert for naps during the day without disrupting other settings.

Other Features
OK to Wake! Owl's volume and brightness settings are fully adjustable to meet the preference of you and/or your child. Runs on battery power (3x AA required)

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