Guidecraft Pirate Pirate Extra Chairs (Set of 2)
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The first advantage of having children's furniture is that it boosts a child's confidence. Take the example of the effects of a child chair. Children who use regular chairs will not be visible if they are shorter than the table's surface. With them out of sight, you or your spouse may not be able to see him. This would cause the child to feel insignificant. However, with a child chair, the child will be able to see his parents at all times and have them talk to him whenever they set their eyes on him.

Another advantage which comes with children's furnishing is that it teaches them to care for their own things. When you give your child a new piece of furnishing, be it a small desk or a child's bed, you can instruct him to take care of it and teach him how to do so. If the child really likes what you gave him, he will start caring for it and cleaning it on his own. This can be a valuable lesson because a child will learn to take responsibility at a young age. Plus, it will save you from the hassle of cleaning afterwards.

As a child grows, he will start taking his place in different areas in the house like the dining table and living room. However, with everything specifically designed for adults at your home, the child will feel left. Besides, by using adult furniture, different problems can occur to children's delicate physique, thus causing some problems and inhabiting their development. So, rather than making your child suffer in the future, help him grow healthy physically and mentally by getting him his own set of child sized furniture.

  • Dimensions: 26" h x 12" w x 12" l
  • Weight: 20lb

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