Evenflo Single Breast Pump
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Introducing the Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump, a simple way to support breastfeeding for your baby. It’s small, handheld, portable, convenient and diaper-bag ready.

The pump’s flange size accommodates most moms. The sleek design feels good to moms and all components are made without BPA.

Includes: Breast pump unit, 2-pack Evenflo Disposable Nursing Pads with coupon, 5-ounce collection bottle, nipple, hood, sealing disc, soft flange insert, additional overflow valve and carrying case.

  • Lightweight, portable and convenient anywhere
  • Adjustable vacuum for customized comfort
  • Soft silicone insert that is removable to accommodate different nipple sizes
  • Comes with a 5 oz. bottle size to allow more milk collection
  • Includes a sample 2-pack of Evenflo Disposable nursing pads. Proven to be one of the most absorbent pads*
  • Compact, hand-held design for ease of use
  • Features an AC adapter so mom can pump using an outlet at home or on the go using three AA batteries
  • All components are made without BPA

Use & Care:

  • This pump is for occasional use only, meaning no more than 2 pumping sessions per day.
  • Clean your breast pump after each use. Wipe the pump unit with a clean damp cloth. NOTE: Never immerse breast pump unit or AC adapter in water. All other parts are dishwasher-safe or can be hand-washed. Dry parts before reassembling.
  • Read all instructions and warnings on the breast pump, product labels, and instruction manuals before use.

*Independent third-party lab testing

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