Go Mama Go Wishes of Windsor Crib Wonder Bumpers 38 Piece Set
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Wonder Bumpers are the only vertical bumper alternative that is safe, soft and stylish, and provides your baby the protection it needs.

Proven safe, Wonder Bumpers are the only bumpers that fully protect your baby's head, face and body while simultaneously allowing the highest degree of air flow, preventing all risk of suffocation. Because of their innovative design, Wonder Bumpers are excluded from the Maryland and Illinois' ban on crib bumpers.

Our Most sought after design, Wishes of Windsor, provides a world of comfort and beauty for your little one. The exquisite eyelet fabric will make your fantasy fairy tale nursery come true. No need to compromise beauty for safety.

38 Piece Set Includes:

  • 38 Wonder Bumpers with two layered ruffle of white eyelet lace on each end
  • Luxurious 20" four tiered lace ruffle skirt
  • White cotton sheet
  • Blanket with lace trim