7 AM Enfant Le Sac Igloo Car Seat/ Stroller Blanket
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Cafe - Small
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Black - Small
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Beige - Small
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Grey - Small
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Red - Small
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Grape - Small
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Cafe - Medium
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Black - Medium
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Beige - Medium
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Grey - Medium
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Red - Medium
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Grape - Medium

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Cafe - Small
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The ideal baby outerwear "LE SAC IGLOO" eliminates the need for warm clothing or snowsuits. Innovative and Award winning "LE SAC IGLOO" has become the must have item for babies and families on the go. Exclusively created by the Studio 7 A.M. with your baby's comfort and every parent's needs in mind, the Patent Pending "SAC IGLOO" is provided with a versatile detachable cover designed to be used as a single panel stroller or car seat blanket. Its waterproof shell gives the perfect protection from wind and rain. Its cotton lining embraces your baby from head to toe and light ultra-soft premium fiber insulation provides optimal comfort and warmth to the child, and gives parents the freedom to enjoy their favorite activities during the cold winter months, whether on the slopes, the campsites or for the everyday demands of urban life. A snapped removable fleece liner allows for additional comfort when the heat rises. Modernism a nurturing surrounding is now compatible.

  • Ultra-soft premium poly insulation
  • Anti-piling micro-fleece lining
  • Water-repellant nylon outer shell
  • Five-point harness openings safely adapt product to all strollers and car seats
  • Front panel detaches to be used as blanket
  • Elastized pouch under the front panel slips over car seats
  • Strollers to convert product into a blanket while child is still seated
  • Hood unzips and can be fold back behind strollers and car seats
  • Hook and loop straps attach product to any stroller or car seat
  • Machine washable
  • Available in several colors
  • Available in small, medium or large sizes
  • Small (0-6 months): 34" H x 19" W x 2" - 2.5" D
  • Medium (6-18 months): 37" H x 20" W x 2" - 2.5" D
  • Large (18 months-3T): 40" H x 22" W x 2" - 2.5" D

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Cafe - Small UPC: 810972010156 Model: LS500

Black - Small UPC: 810972010132 Model: LS500

Beige - Small UPC: 810972011344 Model: LS500

Grey - Small Model: LS500

Red - Small UPC: 810972012310 Model: LS500

Grape - Small Model: LS500

Cafe - Medium UPC: 810972010200 Model: LS500

Black - Medium UPC: 810972010187 Model: LS500

Beige - Medium UPC: 810972011375 Model: LS500

Grey - Medium UPC: 810972011719 Model: LS500

Red - Medium Model: LS500

Grape - Medium Model: LS500