Graco Prenatal Heart Listener
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Share the joy of hearing baby in the womb with loved ones. Our Graco Prenatal Listener® amplifies the heartbeat, kicks, hiccups and other natural sounds of the womb, so you can enjoy them in the comfort and privacy of your own home. What's more, you can record those sounds to save as precious keepsakes and then upload them to your computer using our handy-dandy cable cord. You'll awe friends and family members alike when you email them with your baby's sweet prenatal sounds.

  • Listen to your unborn baby
  • Amplifies baby's natural sounds, starting late in your 2nd trimester
  • Ergonomic design curves with mother's belly and offers enhanced sound
  • Recording cable for sharing womb sounds with loved ones
  • Volume control
  • Prenatal listening guidebook helps you understand the sounds you're hearing, so you can better connect with your unborn baby
  • Includes: Prenatal Listener®, 2 ear buds, 1 recording cable, prenatal listening guide book, English/Spanish instructions

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