Nine Moons Swelly Belly Maternity Band - Simply Pink **CLOSEOUT**
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As many women would agree, there is a limited amount of accessible clothing for the naturally developing mother. By using our SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band, the quest for "maternity clothes" has come to an end. With the SwellyBelly you can continue to wear your previous wardrobe, while adding fun and bright colors. While providing belly support and comfort the SwellyBelly is practical, fashionable and very affordable for the soon-to-be mom. The SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band was created by stay at home mothers for all mothers out there.

Sizing of the SwellyBelly™ is simple to understand. It could not be easier, your size with SwellyBelly is same as your pre-pregnancy size. We created for you a chart that can assist you in deciding which size is best for you.

Pre-pregnancy Size: S - M - L - XL
SwellyBelly Size: S - M - L - XL

e.g., if your pre-pregnancy size was a "M" the SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band™ size is also "M"


if your MATERNITY SHIRTS are a "M" (even if you were small pre pregnancy), get a "M" SwellyBelly Band.

Please Remember: Some of us gain a little more weight during pregnancy, please take that into consideration when ordering.

The SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band™ can also be worn after you give birth and would like to cover yourself while breast feeding. Just wear it as you did during your pregnancy, lift your shirt and breastfeed. You will feel comfortable exposing your belly while breastfeeding.

Our maternity belly band is not a cheap band, our fabric is a sport bra like material, and even though this is an expensive material, we have been able to keep our prices down. We have curves and so does the SwellyBelly, it curves with your body (it's not a square shape band). Our maternity belly band has the perfect amount of tension without compression on the growing belly. It is made out of silky breathable material so you will not overheat.