Beaba Bib'Expresso 3 in 1 Bottle/Food Warmer
By: Beaba

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With the Bib'expresso, parents can now single-handedly prepare a bottle in about 90 seconds and be certain it is the perfect temperature for their baby.

The Bib'expresso's unique water flow helps to mix powdered formula in bottles, reducing air bubbles and eliminating hot spots. Product features a removable warmer for heating jars of baby food and prepared bottles of breast milk. With a built-in self-cleaning steam system and microwavable bottle sterilizer/storage unit, the Bib'expresso is a must have for any new parent!

It is now possible to prepare a bottle in a few seconds, with just one hand and be certain of its temperature. Discover a new way for preparing baby's bottle:

  • Prepares bottle in 90 seconds
  • Always at the right temperature (37 C / 100 F) thanks to direct water control
  • The water flow has the effect of mixing the powder and helps ensure a more even temperature
  • Easy to use, just one hand is needed to prepare the bottle

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