Lasko 1128 9-Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier
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Lasko 1128 high performancer recirculationg humidifier with 9 gallon per day output is ideal for multiple rooms. Holds 4-1/2-gallon. Features 3 comfort control settings with on/off indicator light and continuous water circulation. Castors for mobility on any surface. One evaporative filter pad (THF 8) included.

Indoor air can get especially dry in the winter months, especially with heating systems in full force. This three-speed recirculating humidifier makes it easy to maintain personal comfort levels in multiple rooms or large living areas up to 3200 square feet. Water continuously circulates through the unit, which not only keeps the filter moist for clean, long-lasting performance, but also for increased efficiency, using the entire filter surface for maximum, evaporative-moisture output. Continuous circulation also eliminates standing water, helps remove water contaminants, and won't re-circulate airborne particles. A fan blows across the moist filter, allowing water to evaporate and disperse throughout the room as cool, clean, invisible moisture, without white dust or over-humidification. The humidifier offers a 4-1/2-gallon water capacity and provides a 9-gallon output-capacity per day. Other details include an adjustable humidistat, a removable water reservoir with dual handles for easy filling, an on/off indicator light, a patented cascading waterfall that shows it's working, and smooth-rolling castors for mobility on any surface. One evaporative filter pad (THF 8) comes included. The UL-listed humidifier measures approximately 22 by 14 by 17 inches.

  • 3-speed evaporative recirculating humidifier for spaces up to 3200 square feet
  • Disperses cool, clean, invisible moisture without white dust or over-humidification
  • 4-1/2-gallon removable water reservoir; 9-gallon output-capacity per day
  • Adjustable humidistat; on/off indicator light; 4 castors; evaporative filter pad included
  • Measures approximately 22 by 14 by 17 inches

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