PowerFingers Deep Tissue Home Percussion Massager
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Dr. Noble invented the category of Handheld Percussion Massager in 1995 and released the first model in 1997. Before this, all consumer massagers were orbital, sanding type massagers with superficial ‘buzzing’ action that did not penetrate much below the skin surface. His ‘MiniPro’ model was the first of its kind. It ‘took off’ in the marketplace and was a huge success. In 1998 it was #2 Product of the Year with Brookstone, after Tempur-pedic mattresses and pillows. Dr. Noble was invited to the Brookstone annual meeting of store managers and was their Saturday night banquet speaker in Nashua NH.

Soon thereafter numerous copies appeared, cheaply made from Asia. Lower in cost, function and features. I’m sure you’ve seen them at the mall or discount stores. Too many copies to count. A sign of success, when everyone wants to copy your invention.

Shown on this page, is Dr. Noble’s first major upgrade since his original ‘MiniPro’ design. A new model with new name.

PowerFingers® was created to give you powerful therapeutic relief of shoulder, back and leg tension at home, without the assist of a 2nd person. With the same deep penetration as our full sized Pro Model, but you can use it BY YOURSELF, no helper needed. Using only 2 heads, instead of the 8 on the full sized model, this design allows for easy self use for all parts of your body, performed BY YOURSELF.

2 massage heads powered by Direct Drive Percussion action, travel 1/4" (6.35 mm) downward into your muscles. Fully adjustable from 20 to 40 times per second with 10 speed settings. No need to press down when using PowerFingers®. The weight of the motor provides all the required force. Just rest it on your shoulders, back, legs or feet. It does all the work for you. Pressing or digging is unnecessary and does not get any deeper - a big difference between ordinary sanding massagers and our direct drive percussion action.

10 power settings let you choose just the strength you want. For large or small muscles. Weighing only 2.8 lbs., making it very portable and quite easy for storage. Using a balanced direct drive mechanism, the majority of output energy travels through the massage heads, with no kick-back to the handle. Works easily right through clothing, no need to undress. With 10 speed adjustments and 3 different sets of massage heads, you get 30 choices of massage, to suit your specific needs.

2011 improvements:

  • Smaller and Lighter, now weighs only 2.8 lbs. – but just as strong
  • Costs Less – originally sold for $240, now only $149
  • 3 sets of Massage Heads - Soft, Medium & Hard (all included) - there were no choices on the old ‘MiniPro’ model
  • 10 Digital Speeds with Rotary Dial and separate On/Off switch
  • The original had 3 fixed speeds with no separate On/Off switch

You can feel the difference these new features add to your massage!

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