Beaba Bib'seconds Bottle Warmer
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Beaba’s bib secondes: ultra-fast food jar heater

Beaba's Bib'secondes is a feeding bottle and food jar heater designed to heat baby bottles and meals in record time and in total safety.

The Beaba Bib'secondes bottle warmer works with steam and uses a patented system to achieve accurate heating to 37°C evenly, reducing risk of burns to nil. A dual programming switch allows you to select the starting temperature of the bottle or jar to be heated, bottles and jars at room temperature of 20°C or those taken straight from the refrigerator at 5°C are heated easily and quickly.

Beaba Bib'secondes has a temperature maintenance feature and requires no preheating. Feeding bottles are ready to serve in less than 2 minutes and food jars are heated in less than 5 minutes.

Beaba Bib'secondes is convenient and simple to use, avoiding the risks involved in using a microwave or a bowl or pan of hot water. With the Beaba Bib'secondes, safe, accurate and even heating of baby's bottle or food jar is guaranteed on every use. Beaba is a French company specialising in design of childcare products and accessories.

Created in 1989 the company has changed the world of childcare with its patented innovations that have proven so practical and easy to use. Products such as Beaba's Bib'secondes, babycall and the babycook multi-function food maker have become among Beaba's leading products.

  • Ultra-fast warmer heats bottles in less than 2 minutes and food jars in less than 5 minutes.
  • High precision electronic timer guarantees the correct temperature.
  • Steam heats baby bottles and baby food jars.
  • Dual programming to select the starting temperature from either room temperature or refrigerated temperature.
  • Quantity selection to correspond to quantity of milk or food being warmed.
  • Temperature maintenance feature.
  • Works with both glass and plastic bottles and baby food jars.
  • Comes with BPA-free bottle adapter.
  • Easy to use.
  • Silent operation.
  • BPA-free.

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