Dr. Brown's Simplisse Manual Breast Pump
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For decades moms have had to rely on vacuum-based breast pumps. But the days of tugging, pinching and friction when pumping are a thing of the past. Welcome to Simplisse – a full line of breast pumps and breast care products designed to do one thing – let moms like you express your breastmilk comfortably so you can provide that milk to your baby for the longest period of time possible.

The Simplisse line was developed through a partnership between industry-leading lactation consultants and moms. We had two simple objectives in mind when we began developing a device to express breastmilk. First, make expressing milk a more comfortable, natural experience for moms. And secondly, collect breastmilk as efficiently and effectively as possible. Those goals were achieved through the development of the Simplisse Breastfeeding Companion.

Now, giving your newborn the benefits of nutritional breastmilk doesn't have to be a painful experience. After years of breastfeeding research and observation, a team of leading lactation consultants partnered with moms to create a milk collection system that simulates the comfort and benefits of baby at the breast.

Designed and engineered in the USA, Simplisse Breastfeeding Companion features a unique Baby Face Flexible Breastcup that authentically emulates baby's mouth movements. It conforms to mom's breast just like baby, and it alleviates the discomfort and friction often associated with traditional suck-and-release breast pumps. In addition, Continuous Comfort Valves mimic baby's feeding pressure without painful tugging or pinching of mom's nipple. And when mom is comfortable and happy, breastmilk quality is at it's highest. Ultimate comfort for mom and optimal milk flow for baby - these are the breakthrough benefits of the Simplisses Breastfeeding Companion.

  • New patented compression technology and super soft flexible breastcup for the utmost in comfort.
  • New advanced design comforms and moves with mom's breast
  • Eliminates suck-and-release action found in traditional pumps
  • Naturally elicits milk expression, doesn’t extract milk like traditional breast pumps
  • Emulates baby’s suckling motions and feeding pressure
  • Promotes soothing milk flow for enhanced milk productivity
  • No friction, no discomfort, no tugging, no pinching

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