Reliable™ Empressa™ S550 Digital Steam Press Iron

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The revolutionary digital LED S550 will change the way you do your ironing. Imagine pressing your clothes without all the work! The pressing surface on the S550 is over 10 times larger than most hand held irons. Pressing with the S550 can reduce ironing time by up to 70%.

The S550 features a bright LED digital display that allows you to see the exact temperature of the steam press, and the scrolling LED’s let you know that the desired temperature is being reached.

For dressmaker’s, you can even use the S550 as a mini-fusing press. Its even heat and quick burst of steam is great for setting fusing on collars cuffs, jacket fronts etc.

Standard features include a powerful burst setting for stubborn wrinkles, LED digital temperature control, safety alarm with auto shut-off, and of course, our trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment

The Empressa is more than just a regular steam press. It's the world's largest steam press for home use. The pressing area is an impressive 34" x 11"... big enough for the kind of real world ironing that most people do at home. Trousers, blouses, jackets, linens, you name it. The new S550 powerful burst of steam will blow the wrinkles out of the most stubborn fabrics. You simply won't believe how easy it is to get all of your ironing done in a fraction of the time.

There's temperature control, and then there's digital temperature control. On all Empressa steam presses, we use only the finest quality, and most accurate LED digital controllers. The reason is twofold, (1) accuracy and (2) durability. With a digital temperature control we are able to control the temperatures with a much greater degree of accuracy over a conventional thermostat. This ensures that when you choose the wool setting, the temperature the material sees is within a range that is safe for that fabric. Plus, todays digital LED controllers will also last longer than their analog versions... protecting your investment.

With all that steam power, we needed to make the water container larger on the new Empressa S550. With a full 450ml water tank, you won't need to refill the S550 very often.

A key feature of the Empressa S550 is the new contoured handle with the steam activation switch in the center. With a rectangular handle, in order to activate the steam, you need to reach over with your thumb (which can be difficult for people with smaller hands) and press. On the new version, simply lower the handle, and gently squeeze. It's that simple. As an added bonus, the contoured handle gives the new Empressa S550 a modern, sleek look.


  • LED Digital temperature control
  • 34” x 11” pressing surface
  • 10x large pressing surface than regular iron
  • Safety alarm and auto shut-off
  • Metal mesh bottom pressing plate won’t warp
  • Childproof safety lock
  • Hi-Tec™ one-piece woven press cover with thick felt pad
  • Accessory kit - pressing cushion, spray and water bottle


  • Maximum Temperature: 330 F
  • Water Tank: 450 ml
  • Electric: 110V
  • Element: 1350W
  • Pressing Surface: 34" x 11"
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 34.75" x 23" x 9"

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