Cloud B Bamboo LullaBag Sleeping Bag - Small
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Cream - Small

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Cream - Small
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The LullaBag is a sleep bag that is specifically designed to help babies sleep through the night. With the LullaBag, baby stays at a constant comfortable temperature, which greatly improves the quality and duration of baby’s sleep, not to mention Mom and Dad’s! Because the LullaBag promotes back sleep and replaces loose bedding, it is a safer way to put baby to sleep- reducing certain risk factors associated with SIDS.

Our award-winning patented LullaBag has a continuous dual-headed zipper that begins at the neckline and curves along the entire side and bottom of the bag. This unique two-way zipper allows parents to open the bag partially or completely in either direction, making overall use and late-night diaper and clothing changes very easy.

  • Material: 70% Bamboo, 30%Cotton
  • Comfortable arm opening for added ventilation
  • Zipper guard for added comfort
  • Luxurious bamboo fabric options for all climates
  • Wide bottom design for extra room and comfort
  • All-around two way zipper for easy access & diaper change

Available in Two sizes:

  • Small: 0-6 months or up to 28" height
  • Large: 6-18 months or up to 35" height

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