AngelGuard AngelRide Infant Car Bed for Small Infants

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The Transportation Solution for Low Birth-Weight Babies and Small Infants. 

Enables hospitals to send infants home earlier by providing for supine or prone – lying face up or down – positioning.


  • Unique design allows infant to be positioned on back, stomach or side.
  • Five-degree surface raises infant's head to facilitate breathing.
  • Patented, wrap-around harness creates added protection during a sudden stop or crash.
  • Fabric harness cushions buckle while allowing quick release.
  • Improved vehicle installation system ensures a more secure fit.
  • Deep, fully padded shell combines impact protection with ventilation.
  • Separate buckle pad to cushion buckle
  • NHTSA 2008 Ease of use

Technical Information:

  • Specifically designed for transporting infants, particularly those weighing less than 5 lbs. and with special medical needs.
  • For use with infants up to 9 lbs. and 21.5 in.
  • Increased height limit to 21.5 in. is applicable to all Angel Ride infant car beds in use.
  • Note - infants with longer torso may need a new, longer harness that can be purchased from Angel Guard.
  • All products in use must be within the useful life as defined on the product.

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