Crane Personal Air Purifier - Shark
By: Crane

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  • 5 Level Filtration Helps Remove Airborne Allergens, Bacteria, Viruses and Germs
  • Germicidal UV LightThe germicidal UV light kills Viruses and Bacteria to deliver germ free fresh air.
  • True HEPA FilterTrue HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of airborne dust and pollen as small as 0.3 microns from air passing through the filter. The filter also helps reduce smoke, mold spores and pet dander.
  • Active Carbon FilterLarge particles as well as common household odors caused from tobacco, pet, garbage and cooking will be absorbed by the active carbon filter.
  • Photocatalyst FilterIn conjunction with the internal UV light the Photocatalyst Filter creates advanced oxidation that eliminates airborne odors and neutralizes odors and harmful fumes.
  • Washable Particle FilterFoam filter helps capture larger particles and extends the life of the HEPA-Filter
  • 3 Speed Control with low noise setting for continuous quiet operation
  • Easy To Change Filters
  • Tip Over Switch with Auto-Shut Off Function
  • AHAM certified

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