Go Mama Go Designs Crib Wonder Bumpers Baby Basics 24 Pack

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Safety and style for any room. Use these classic colors to create a unique look for your nursery or easily blend our bumpers with the look you already have. Sold separately with matching coordinates a la carte.

Wonder Bumpers™are soft and stretchable and will fit on any crib. Each bumper is 6” wide and will fit on almost all rails, round or flat, up to 3” wide. Wonder Bumpers™can also zip together to accommodate even larger size slats. Each bumper is 24” long, but can easily compress to accommodate shorter rails. Made of.100% Cotton and Polyester Fabrics and Poly foam insert.

Why use Wonder Bumpers™for your baby’s crib?


  • Increase airflow
  • Inhibit toddlers from climbing out
  • Soft vertical padding protects baby's head and body against hard rails
  • Lead-free zipper


  • Easy to put on or take off
  • No more ties
  • Concealed reversible zipper
  • A cinch to change crib sheet
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits all rails -zip together for wider slats
  • Use on drop-downs or convertibles


  • Super soft and stylish fabric choices
  • Reversible designs
  • Gender-friendly versatility
  • Fabulous accessories
  • Cozy and comfortable for toddler beds
  • Sleek design (No more frumpy bumpers that look bad after a few months!)

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