Potty MD Potty Monkey™ -Your Potty Training Pal
By: PottyMD

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The Potty Monkey™ takes toilet training and potty problems to a whole new level. Great for Children 18 months to 7 years.

The Potty Monkey system helps children transition from diapers to underwear in a fun, encouraging way. Potty Monkey also teaches children to have frequent bathroom visits, relaxed bathroom habits and the importance of a comfortable bathroom routine. Parents are also educated about toilet training and potty problems.

Developed by a pediatric urologist, this sweet monkey reminds your child to go every 30 or 90 minutes, and he sits on his own special potty.

Potty Monkey will work and he will not eat your bananas. THE WHOLE SYSTEM includes Potty Monkey, Flusing toilet, Monkey Learns to Potty child's board book, and The Potty Trainer parent book. Developed by PottyMD to be better than any other Potty Training doll-- Potty Monkey has a timer and requests to go potty every 30 or 90 minutes, depending on your stages of training or toileting difficulties. Potty Monkey will also talk or sing everytime you place him on the toilet. Includes a quality story book about Potty Monkey and his new underwear and potty chair. Remember Monkey See-Monkey Do? The Potty Trainer is an excellent 80-page book for parents that discusses everything you need to know to train even the most difficult situation. Oh, do not forget to throw away Potty Monkey's diaper and put on his Big Monkey underwear. Batteries Included. Have Fun!


  1. Potty Monkey with his own Diaper and Big Monkey Underwear. Potty Monkey has a built in timer that can be set for either 30 minutes or 90 minutes. Potty Monkey will remind your child to go to the bathroom by saying, "I need to go potty!Let's go potty!" and "I really need to go! C'mon, lets go potty! Potty Monkey also talks and sings every time your child places him on the interactive learning toilet. Potty Monkey is more than a potty training doll.
  2. Flushing Toilet looks and sounds just like the toilet at your home.
  3. "Monkey Learns to Potty" - An engaging child's board book about Potty Monkey and his new underwear and toilet. Remember Monkey See Monkey Do??
  4. "The Potty Trainer" - A top-selling 80-page parent's book about toilet training. Written by potty expert and pediatric urologist, D. Preston Smith MD FAAP FACS
  5. Toilet Trained Certificate after your child has successfully completed the potty training process, you and your child can visit here and click on the link below to print a personalized "Potty Monkey You Did It Certificate". You can type your child's name and date of toilet training on the certificate by placing the cursor on the lines