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In addition to selling "Overstock" and "Closeout" products we also offer "Closed Box Returns", "Open Boxed Returns" & "Scratch & Dent" products with incredible savings.

What Is An Overstocked Product?
An Overstocked product is merely an inventoried item that we have overstocked in our warehouse and that we are drastically reducing in price to make way for different inventory.
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What Is A Closeout Product?
A Closeout product is a brand new product which is being discontinued by the manufacture. This can mean a minor change such as a new fabric color, style change or perhaps a discontinued line. Either way you will be receiving the same high quality but with substantial savings.
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What Is A "Closed Box Return" and "Open Box Return"
"Closed Box Returns", as the name implies, refers to a product that someone bought but never opened the box. This may a result of a duplicate order or late cancellation that was refused. "Closed Box Returns" should not show any signs of wear and tear. "Open Box Return" refers to products that a customer opened and may have briefly used, and as a result, the product may show a small amount of wear and tear. Both "Closed Box Returns" and "Open Box Returns" maintain the same high quality standards as the original but the price you pay is discounted heavily from retail. Please note quantities of ""Closed Box Returns" and "Open Box Returns" are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis.
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What Is A "Scratch & Dent" Product
As the name implies, Scratch & Dent products will either have some minor cosmetic blemish or may be missing a part. The product description will let you know what to expect. With savings ranging from 60-90% off you can't go wrong.
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