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Placing orders for delivery to Canada is quick and easy!

We are a registered non-resident importer in Canada. This allows us to simplify the purchasing process for our Canadian customers, reduce delays at the border, and prevent unexpected charges at the time of delivery. GST, duty and brokerage fees are paid at the time of purchase for all orders shipping to Canada. All paperwork will be handled by us, and the GST will be remitted for you to the Canadian government. Please note, if you live outside of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland you are responsible for remitting any additional taxes that your provinces may collect.The "International Fee" that we show in the shopping cart and throughout checkout covers international shipping costs, duties, and brokerage fees.

The average delivery times that are posted on our website are only for orders that are shipping within the contiguous United States. Most orders shipping to Canada will increase transit time due to customs inspection and further distance from the supplier distribution centers. Some of our suppliers have warehouses located in Canada. Whenever possible, we will ship from our Canadian warehouses to cut-down on transit time to you. Please note that we do not currently offer expedited shipping to Canadian addresses.

Unless otherwise noted, we accept returns on all orders that ship to Canada. All orders fall under our standard return policy. Duties and GST will be refunded, however, all actual shipping costs and brokerage fees are non-refundable.

Please Note:
Certain product warranties may only be valid in the United States. Additionally all products on our sites are subject to safety and testing standards as required by the United States and may not be certified for use outside the United States.

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